Tuesday, 15 November 2011

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Heart Scent Pouch...

It's coming up to Christmas, and I'm doing my best this year to not actually spend a penny on it!! (Directly, anyway, I may need certain supplies to complete my projects!) Over on Milliande's Palma has begun a swap for an International Goodies Box  What a great idea!!! There's a list of items to choose from to create, and I'm working my way through...the journal, purse/pocket and now scented sachet are all done...
Here's the scent sachet, or my interpretation!! Instructions are over in the how-to's textiles section I've made bags, cushions, wallets, and even my wedding ring pillow in a similar way, it's so versatile and fun, give it a go!! I always show the quick and easy way, minimum pinning, minimum fuss- my mum would go mad if she saw- she was a dressmaker/tailoring teacher, very by the book! Stood me in good stead though- I know the right way, so I know I can work out the shortcuts too!


 So here it is, a cute little woven ribbon scented pouch, plumped up with lavender heads from my garden. I do hope my box doesn't have to go to Australia with all their customs restrictions on seeds/wood and flowers, etc. I'd hate to have to empty it....



  1. This has everything I love in it! - it's handwoven, it's a heart, it's sewn, and it smells great! Great work Kal! I love it!

  2. Thankyou Sonja! I might have to make some for xmas RAAK's.xxx


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