Sunday, 25 November 2012

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Beautiful Babe Backpack...

It's official now, and sew I begin in earnest to create our Yule gifts for family and friends. I've been racking my brain for ages and still haven't decided on a complete list, so I've begun with one that I knew I had to make... a gorgeous little backpack for  my best friend's soon-to-be-3 daughter. Being a cutie little girl it had to be a cutie backpack so this one is made from a very tactile brushed denim in pink, with fuschia lining and accents/pockets. It's a similar design to the rucksack I've created the tutorial for in the textile how-to section... a change in size, fabric and accessories and ta-da, a unique bag for another unique person!

I do hope she likes it- well, of course she will, it's pink! I've also listed it on Etsy and Creative Stores as a basis for personalised backpacks. Great birthday presents as well as for Crimbo.
I'm also thinking about making bags and rucksacks using my own fabrics, so I've begun an experiment on Spoonflower- if you'd like to see what I mean, why not visit the collection?


  1. Kalona, I can imagine the little girls face when she opens this present, she is going to be thrilled and over the moon I am sure.

  2. There is nothing better than handmade gifts, especially when they are made for a specific person in mind. I wish people would buy handmade more. It's boring to buy mass produced items. This backpack is gorgeous!


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