Saturday, 10 November 2012

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Yule decorations already??

Well, sad to say, Yes! In all the shops already....I am one of these people who, although enjoying the notion of celebration, is totally fed up with the increasing over production/saturation and ongoing ruthlessness of retail xmas. The exploitation of staff at xmas, and the bullying of customers to buy more, for ever longer periods of time really makes me mad. Yes, you guessed it- I worked for a big retail store, one of the many who care only about year on profits... but enough of that... xmas should be about friendship, love, sharing and remembering. So on with the sharing....

So, Yule decorations already? Sadly, if you're actually making them then they need to be finished in good time, so I have started super early this year, and as Palma has started the 2012 Wichtel Swap already I've begun my countdown for crafting.
The swap calls for a hanging decoration and this years theme is "Reindeer". I had a good mooch online to see what was about, but wanted to do something original. I know a cutout isn't particularly original in itself, but I hoped that collaging the paper might go some way to help. 
So I spent yesterday gluing, pressing, cutting and sewing... not so difficult, but sometimes it's simple ideas that work out best... see what you think.

The sewing was pretty hard on the fingers so I actually resorted to digging out my rarely used thimble- unheard of! 
I really like how they've turned out so I'm going to spend tomorrow joining fabrics to make quilted versions... I'll let you know how they go...


  1. oh yes these reindeer look to be enjoying prancing around.
    I so agree re Christmas, I wonder what percent actually follow the celebration of the birth our Lord and Saviour I am afraid very few these days.

  2. They look wonderful! I absolutely love the idea of having handmade ornaments on Christmas tree. The one you sent me will be proudly displayed again! :) I started making them very early, but then "business" stopped me from making a hundred, lol! But, there will be enough to have a wonderful crafty tree this year. :)

  3. interesting and crazy artwork!

  4. Thankyou ladies!
    Sorry Margaret, we don't celebrate christmas per se, Yule is a much older celebration.
    Lol, Sonja- I had planned to make many more of them this year, but have been making the dreamcatcher type instead... so many ideas, not enough time... maybe I should have started in August? like the shops do here!! It's appalling, as soon as the kids go back to school the shops begin a small xmas section. I'm at the point if I could I'd ban it outside December. Not much of a christmas spirit, eh ;)xx


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