Wednesday, 14 November 2012

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How many reindeer were there?

Even with my memory being great when I was younger I still cannot recall the reindeer names... I always miss one- or more! Just how many were there really?
Well, I have completed 6 so far... seems like a normal number for a set. How many sets I get made will depend on how quickly I get my other gifts completed.

Here is the fabric version, I have put a tutorial for them in my textile tutorial page. Why not have a go yourself? They don't take too long, but are well worth the effort. I shall be making a few more sets, and probably use a couple of different shapes too... well, it is Yule.


  1. How beautiful yours reindeers are!

  2. love your reindeers but sorry cannot remember how many there were

  3. Thankyou Margaret, I think there were a dozen, certainly pairs, i should do a search I suppose, just to satisfy my curiosity!

  4. Gorgeous reindeers Kal! The fabric is beautiful, and I love the shimmery thread you used! :)


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