Friday, 30 November 2012

Pin It


Anyone remember the old party games?

Best be quick- It's the last day to sign up for the December Fabric Postcard swap on Stitchin Fingers, the theme this month is "Toys". I wanted to do something special so I planned to do a chess set that folded into the postcard size... but then realised that the squares would be TINY! 
So I racked my brains a bit and remembered a game we used to play at parties... great fun running around with a blindfold, and to get to stick pins in the wall, my word, such wickedness!
So this is my tiny, portable version of an game- Pin the tail on the donkey.

Here's the outside, there was  little point making it just 1 postcard size, I doubled it so you get a bit more to play with, well, my swap partner will...

And here's the cute little donkey. His tail is secured onto a piece of velcro, which sticks nicely to felt. Hours of fun, eh! Well, maybe not, but it was fun to make and I hope it inspires a few more portable games to be created. I've just heard, my swap partner is in Oz, I know there is still a memory of alot of our old traditions so maybe my partner will be familiar?

Here's a link to download andd print your own donkey... printable_pin_the_tail_on_the_donkey


  1. oh your donkey brings back childhood memories, kids these days are too busy with computers and their ganms to play like we did, such a shame.

  2. I know- and I'm just as guilty... spend more time than I should just trying to keep up with all these sites and blogs... maybe I should make some larger versions, start a revival.x

  3. I'm not familiar with that game, but this is beautiful! You really have so many amazing ideas! :)

  4. Hi Sonja,
    It's a game many of us played as children, a few decades ago! It was a great party game, the one who pinned nearest to the correct spot won the prize.
    I've found a site for you to print one out- have a laugh!!


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