Sunday, 2 December 2012

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Crazy Quilt debut...

I've been trawling the web again, and came across a site that has given a name to something I have been doing since I've come back to textiles... the collaging and building up of fabrics... in a slightly more regimented format it is widely known and practiced as Crazy Quilting. Wow! I love the way it goes alot further than I have with the hand embroidery- I  usually use my machine. 
I've been suitably inspired to join the 2013 CQJP, who are still taking entrants till the 15th. I may even combine it this year with my 2nd year of bead journalling, who are also calling for entrants for a little while longer.

Here's something I have created for a Yule pressie, a bit of CQ, a bit of fibrework, some beading and some paintwork... how could I not mix it up? It's what I love to do!

It's contained in an embroidery frame, with spun wools, silk waste  and banana silk plaited around the frame with a tail. It's about 8" across. I have added a few more details to it now, but thought I'd show an incomplete version in case one of them peeks!
I might have to make something similar for my mum and dad...


  1. wow this has worked so very very well, a great Christmas gift. Like you I have signed up for the first time with CQJP, hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew.

  2. It's a great way to use up scraps...I like the idea that CQ is a specific finished piece too, my collaged fabric is usually cut up and used as a feature in bigger projects. I think I might combine the CQ with the beading this year... that way I have no excuse to be lazy on one... after my bead project this year I'd better come up with a really good theme and design...
    Good luck with yours, maybe start small, work towards an A3 picture when it's altogether?
    I might do a calendar, with seasonal variations, pagan holidays,equinoxes an almanac...not decided yet, I'd like to get Yule over and done before finalising a design.x

  3. This is amazing ,so much to look at, I am still not sure how you find the time to fit everything in.


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