Sunday, 9 December 2012

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Moleskine Journal Adventure continued...

After my introduction to Moleskine journals, having purchased a letter-sized Cahier for a commission, I decided to use up the second book which has the same designer cover, but in a different colour- orange. So I took that as a starting point for the design for this one. It hasn't been commissioned, this will be a ready-made, buy as-is.
I love blue and orange together, being opposite colours they really bounce off each other creating real impact. I searched my stash of papers to create the title page first- not normally the way I work, usually it's the collage first. I found some great orange and blue papers and flowers...

Working from the title page I chose an abundance of blue, orange and pink fabrics and began to layer up...

Each layer is built of with different stitches and coloured threads, fabric, plastics, wools, angelina, paper, canvas... whatever feels right and looks right. 

Once all the elements are secure and a few contrasting stitched patterns are in place I can add the central ribbons for the spine.

I always make an extra smaller square at the same time, some of this is used for the closure and the bookmark tabs, the rest is kept as reference. Add the closure and ribbons, then add the pocket for the inside front. Once all that is complete I can measure and sew up the bottom and top for a snug fit.

I always add some extra elements, often beads and charms, but I've had this butterfly crying out to be used since I diecut it, and it's a perfect compliment for the cover and copper lettering inside. Add a little crochet flower, the bookmarkers and velcro, line the inside opening with matching poly-cotton, and ta-da, she's all done! All ready for Etsy and Creative Stores...

Perfect and in time for a christmas pressie....


  1. today so far I have found 3 tutorial type blogs to inspire me, thank you for showing how you make a journal, another creation I want to add to my need to do list.

    1. Are there enough hours in the day? Hope you manage some of them, especially at this busy time of year. x

  2. Beautiful, as usual - love the color combination too- This is a removable cover - right? over a moleskin journal - what size?

  3. Hi Ruth- thankyou! Yes, it's removable and fits a letter size moleskine, 19 x 25cm. Perect for journalling and sketching... I find the "large" a bit small but I'm just making some large ones too, different design though.. no pics yet.xx


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