Thursday, 13 December 2012

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Christmas list...

Having bitten the bullet for my eyelet needs I've now made the decision I'm on the hunt for one of these...

and how funny- it's also blue, when so many are pink... what is it with manufacturers that they think we must like pink because we're female? 
But, like the big bite, it's almost impossible to find at a reasonable price. If you live in the UK you can expect to pay the RRP of the American version, but in GBP, meaning if it's $106 Stateside, it will be 106 Pounds here. I know there's shipping and all that, but we really get ripped off here. It's a matter of value... and if it's only worth 106 $ it cannot be worth almost twice that in Pounds, ours are no better quality! An exchange rate goes right out the window- thanks importers!!
Anyways, off the soapbox... if I can find a way of getting one within my meagre budget I'm all for it. Just think of all the possibilities... so many more books to make....
If I can source one economically I'll be blogging about it for sure, and daresay a few more tutorials will be in the making... can't wait!

After countless searching I've given up trying to find a bargain, and I've spent the last of my xmas money  on this and some coils... it was sent yesterday, but I don't know how long it will take to arrive... so it may be after christmas day... can't wait!  Projects abound in the new year!!

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  1. Tell me about it. Everything I order online cost me a fortune! And even when I sell things made with online purchases it still doesn't pay off. So I tell my self it's 'just for me', like a treat, and then I feel a bit better. After all, I don't shop expensive clothes or designer shoes, so I can spoil my self with craft supplies from time to time, right? :) It's always interesting to me how much money I spend on craft/art supplies, and how little I'm willing to spend on clothes,lol!
    Also, even though some things are really expensive, you will use them for a long time, so in a long run it doesn't seem that awful. Right? :)


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