Friday, 21 December 2012

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Spoonflower fabrics

Woohoo! I'd been toying with turning some of my artwork into fabric so I can make truly unique bags, not just by design but with the fabrics too. I joined up with Spoonflower and uploaded some of my work. It's pretty easy to do and I hope it will be worth the expense.. you have to buy a swatch before it can be printed in quantity... 
I picked one of my abstract series, which began as a pastel spiral, and was then worked in a few favourite software programs and filters. Sets seem to work best, especially if I'm quilting, you need a variety of depth and pattern. 
So here is my first swatch

Not bad, I like how they've come out... and the base cotton is not too thin. I'm thinking of using these in a crazy quilt, they're only 8 x 8" squares so not big enough to start making bags... but now I know the design works I can play with the scale of each pattern and get what I need. 
If you have artwork that would translate into a pattern why not take a look at Spoonflower and get your own original prints!


  1. wow I am amazed that fabric can be produced like this, love the designs and colours, there will be no stopping you now, I can see you going into mass production.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the idea of turning a painting or a photograph into fabric. Although, as a weaver I make my own fabric, but this is great! I'm excited to see what you'll make with this! :)


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