Monday, 19 November 2012

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Stationery Give Away...

While my girly kitty is sadly, possibly, on walkabout, I cannot concentrate on new artwork, so I have been developing a range of stationery sets that will be downloadable on Lulu, and possibly Etsy again.
Do you fancy getting a freebie and helping me out at the same time?
My first published set is Lobelia- a Funky Kalona Creativity Artphoto, which is a photo that I have taken, them subjected to my favourite plug-ins and filters in a couple of art programmes.

Here's the link to the set, just click on it and go through the process- it is FREE so you won't have to fork out for a test run.

Once you have downloaded, can you please open it up, and print one of each, then let me know how it has printed- that's the important bit for me! I need to know if I need to change any settings so that it prints well over a wide range of printers. It will only be available free  for 50 downloads.
You can use the set as often as you like- even forward it on, but please link or give credit back to this site, the download has no restrictions, but it is still my copyright on the images.

I shall be adding more shortly, I'm just tweaking the layouts. I also used to have card sets on Etsy, and I shall be reinstating those shortly too... I have some great christmassy ones I'll get on first.

Enjoy the set, and don't forget to let me know how they go.... xxx

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  1. Sadly, my printer is not feeling very well right now. But it's a gorgeous photo. Love the colors.


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