Sunday, 29 January 2012

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Aquarius bead block for BJP 2012

Well, I finally buckled down to beading my first block for the Bead Journal Project this year. I'd designed my wall hanging earlier, but not begun designing the beaded elements...
Once I got going it didn't take long to come up with a set of designs which I thought would be blocky enough to work in beads... but I'm sad to say my first attempt looked awful, no definition and with all the bling there was just not enough contrast between object and background. So I had to retry, this is the second attempt (the 1st attempt is over on my BJP-2012 page )

Aquarius second attempt

 I used delicas, bugles, hex, teardrops and huge seedbeads on felt. I'm still not happy with this- I thought the design might have worked better, so I'm looking at redesigning all 12- or only beading a section of it, but having seen some of the entrants on BJP already I'd feel lazy if it wasn't fairly well covered in beads rather than silks. Best get my thinking cap on before the end of February when I'll need to post my Feb effort on the BJP 2012 Blogsite


  1. We may have a lot of Arty things in common,but patience is not one of them.I could not do this detailed work,it is wonderful.

  2. Oh Mary , if only you knew!! Patience! what is that?? I managed this in 5-6 hours...if it had taken longer I would have given up half way... I don't like projects that take more than a day, but that's why I've joined BJP, to create something big, over time.These are just tiny elements thankfully, the rest will be appliqued and quilted, then I'll embroider over that... maybe!


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