Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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Little Faces- part deux

Well, I decided to go ahead and make more faces, once I'd neatened up the rough patches a bit. They are not exactly what I wanted, but to get the project underway I really need to have the faces ready so these will do for this project. I will be making more feminine ones later!!

As my reusable moulding rubber is at my studio, and the weather's too yuccy for me to walk down there, I've decided to try the alginate compound instead- I've had it for so long, but never got round to using it- just like the resin plaster which will also be used up in this experiment. (Yet one more justification for my super- stash of materials and equipment that is labelled "hoarding" by my hubby!)
I'll be adding the process in the How to's- craft section. It's not too messy, given that it's plaster, but I would recommend doing it in the kitchen- it's hard to get out of carpet- oops!  

So here are the next stage of my army of faces.... at least these will be easier to refine than cooked fimo.

As I made up extra in the first batch I also plastered some MDF tiles which I had been meaning to do for a long while. These will be carved into, built up on, painted, sprayed and waxed, at some point! The hearts were also a little forethought- I have a small project in mind for them too....


  1. I can only imagine the fun that's going on in your studio! The faces are really beautiful, and the hearts are adorable! Well, I am the heart addict, so no surprise there! :) Can't wait to see what you'll do with them!

  2. Lol!I know I made a mess in my den! I knocked the pot with plaster and it dribbled down my curtain onto the carpet...so I have a beautiful crunchy carpet!Oh well, it is my play room!
    I need to make some more hearts before I can begin that project!! Time will tell....xxx

  3. I am beginning to think we were separated at birth,not only did we post faces at the same time. but yesterday ,while putting the moulds away,I took out the packet of Alginate and thought what am I supposed to do with this.Like you it is part of my bottomless pit of stash.

  4. Hi Mary,Well now you know!! Apparently it will only last 3 days if hermetically sealed in the fridge...yeah right! Because my actual mould is flat I've just turned them over on the tray to stop them going hard...seems fine so far...so I can reuse in a while without making more!
    Really though, I'm not greatly impressed with it...too messy, too lumpy and too fragile.
    I don't think I've any sisters lurking...maybe in a previous life??

  5. Amazing work!!! Can't wait to see the finished project!!


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