Monday, 16 January 2012

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!00th Spiral in the 366 Spiral Project

Good grief- has it come round already??
I started the 366 Spirals Project 100 days ago, that's 100 spirals  of  my artwork, photos and creations.
I never realised I had quite so many tucked away in all my work, but the challenge will be to find 266 more!
Not only that, but it's the actual passing of time- 3 months+! Where has it gone? I must have blinked and lost a month. Time is so precious- I am so glad and thankful that I get to spend so much of it doing what I love most- being creative.

This is my chosen pic for the 100th- 2 pieces commissioned for weddings; a spiral heart tiara and a feather heart spiral brooch; two pieces that I loved creating, and know that they were loved by others too, and also went some way to making a special celebration even more unique and personal.

To see the 99 other original artworks, photos and creations  please follow this link
Thankyou for looking!


  1. wowie- beautiful Kalona - you are an amazing creative spirit - in all mediums and styles!

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Thankyou again, you are always full of such praise and encouragement, very much appreciated! xxx

  3. Beautiful!!!!! It is obvious in every piece you create how much you love what you do. These pieces are really stunning.


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