Friday, 6 January 2012

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Little faces....

Or should that be the small faces? Blast from the past there...

In preparation for my Bead Journal Project I've been playing with ideas...zodiac seems to be the recurring idea, but I rather fancy creating a hanging of  a zodiac wheel that also incorporates the pagan festivals and crystals etc associated with each sign/moon phase...  I quite liked the idea of little faces in the centre of the beadwork, which will be my uptake on each I've been playing with fimo- not had that out in a while. Luckily I had some stashed away....
So here are todays endeavours
heart faces, glass bead eyes

round face, glass bead eyes
round face, sleeping

Oval face, glass bead eyes

Not bad for first's so difficult getting it smooth this small- the biggest is the oval, 1 3/4" high- I will have to give them a light sand later to buff the rough bits off. I don't like drawing or painting faces, I'm not that good at them, seems I have a similar issue with cabs too. These were all supposed to be femine, ethereal and serene, not jesters and Benny Hill. Still, I have time to improve, and decide if they will be centres or not- if I can't get them prettier I might have to rethink the plan.

The beginning of expression....


  1. Fantastic,did you use moulds or have you made these yourself? they could not be more different than the paper ones I made yesterday:)

  2. Ha! I've just finished posting similar on your blog!!! I made these bit by bit...with embossing tools and rubber smudgers.That's why they're so "unique" lol. Will do better

  3. Love em kalona! You are so multi-talented!

  4. Love em kalona! You are so multi-talented!

  5. So cute! Love all expressions! And I love the eyes!

  6. Hey Kalona I just wanted to say I love all you little faces but I think I like the sleeping one the best!

  7. Thanks Donna, I'm inclined to agree- at least that one sort of looks serene! The others are verging on gargoyles! lol.x


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