Monday, 23 January 2012

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Fun with Botany

I've just finished photographing my swaps for Palma's Botanical matchbox swap ... I wasn't sure whether to do some of my botanical painting, or mix it up a bit... but as it is a completely new experience for me I went with the mixing it up a bit!!
I used this template  for the matchbox... and googled matchboxes to get some ideas as to how they are usually decorated...
I wanted to do something really funky as well, and as I'm not really vintage or steampunky I don't have much in the way of suitable embellishments for those styles. I did think a pop-up box would be fun though, and as I'm not allowed to send natural materials to Oz I felt a fake tree was in order!! I know how you love trees Mel!
I cut my boxes, little base inserts, found some pen springs, and dug into my wire and crystal collection.... the results being 3 little landscapes, complete with river, flowers and overhanging tree... wish I could find a small enough fairy to pop in there too...



These are for Mel, Dawna and Susan, but I'm not going to say who's is who's... that'll have to be the suprise! xx


  1. I did not take part in this swap,but I am sure whoever receives yours will be delighted.

  2. Love yours, so clever and colorful. I am waiting for help to get a tree that fell off my car. So shall not be able to mail until Friday. We have had a week with no power, snow and a ice storm. I will get these mailed. I am determined! :-)

  3. Thankyou Mary!

    Sorry to hear, Sharon! We don't get weather like that here...mostly grey,dreary,wet, nothingness with abit of cold..sometimes we get snow (hooray) but it only lasts a day, 3 at most then is slippery and slusshy for days. Yuck!
    Sometimes I wish we had proper seasons... but it must be hard with no power! I'm glad I gave up my fishtanks- they'd never survive more than a day with no heat/air or filters.Cutbacks for energy saving...
    Good luck with your car, hope you get back to normal soon!! xx

  4. These are so wonderful and fun, totally amazing creations!


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