Monday, 30 January 2012

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Playing with lino...

I desperately wanted to make some stamps for several projects, and I can't find gel packs for making stamps at a reasonable price anymore, so needed an alternative.
I've lino cut before but it hurts my hands now so wanted something a bit easier to cut. A friend suggested "Easy carve" so I had a look online. My regular art shop actually had some small circles in, which saved me time and postage..woohoo! - once I decide on a project I NEED to get on with it!
So I spent yesterday cutting out symbols in the circular lino. It is almost rubbery and it is very difficult to get pencil or pen to draw on it, so accuracy with design can be a problem... even Sharpies didn't work!
Despite that, and working virtually freehand, I managed to get close enough to what I wanted... well, these things are supposed to be "irregular and personal" aren't they? If they were precision cut I may as well have bought them...
So here they are, my first 10.... I have more to do, and you can buy it in a sheet so I can get some bigger designs cut too, which will help for my calendar for next year.

Even with the drawing issue, they were quite nice to work with, and alot easier to carve than tradition hessian lino, so I would recommend them.
I've just tested them out on my Valentine ATC envelopes and they print ok too, if you use a brayer rather than an acrylic block (like normal rubber stamps)
The one thing I didn't think of though, doh!, was reversal... so my 2012 stamp is only good for embossing.... and with my new Bigshot I'm putting it to good use already- they emboss beautifully too. These little gems will be doing alot of work in the near future.


  1. super collection Kalona - I use speedball "speedy carve" as well as the white (can't remember name) but also pick up little white erasers and shaped erasers at the dollar store to use. Love to carve them - even if hard to draw design. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Ruth! I've used erasers before, but you can't find wide ones here, they're all too small for what I'd like. Found some softcut lino too, it's dark grey- shall be giving that a go in a little while, and can work both sides which will be a bonus! I'll let you know how it goes.... xxx

  3. I am almost certain I wrote a comment yesterday! Or maybe I was dreaming...or maybe I am too good with computers,lol! What I wanted to say was that I LOVE your stamps Kal! And your "mistake" 2012 is super idea for embossing! I think you should make more "mistakes". :)

    1. Lol, Sonja! I make plenty of mistakes... I rarely throw anything away though, I find another use.
      Yesterday I carved a wiccan symbol doodle into the greay lino and a doodle cat into traditional lino, both emboss well, but not inked them yet.Will do that tomorrow after my St. Brigid ceremony which I made a ribbon decorated cloth for today.I promised myself I would finally be serious about relearning our pagan rituals and rites... and so it begins. Will post pics tomorrow too. xxx

  4. Yes Like Sonja,I also thought I had commented,but as it is not here,I just want to say they are great and I am so pleased the Sizzix is being used.I wish I had bought shares,i would be very wealthy now.


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