Friday, 3 February 2012

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New Year, new plan...

It's taken a bit of planning and time but yesterday I spent a day with my sewing machine... it's been a while. I promised myself  that this year I would do what I've been thinking about for a long long time... and actually start living by what I believe, rather than just float on through in a vacuum.
So having performed my first blessing for Brighid, and a little self contemplation, I got my stash of bits I'd been collecting for my new BOS and began making it. 

Here it is finished, well the outside anyway, I've got more ideas for the inside.

Now the fun of making entries and filling it up....


  1. Kal I love this! So many details! I love dark colors, like big thoughts and secrets might be hidden in there. Superb!

  2. WOW!!! Love it. The colors are amazing.Please do show us more of the inside as your work continues. Great work!! g.a.s

  3. Gorgeous and intriguing ! Keep showing your additions please!!!!

  4. love- love the dark and earthy colors and textures - so much for the eyes to travel over and absorb.nicely done - was your sewing machine happy to see you.xxxruth

  5. I'm not sure Ruth... I think it was a bit reluctant at's getting on and showing signs of wear now.
    More pics in a mo....


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