Friday, 10 February 2012

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Release... another prompt

I was really on a roll yesterday, I caught up with 2 prompts.... My word for the year BELIEVE, and the prompt RELEASE- what would I like to discard this year... I could go on about how I fluctuate between manic depression and mild hysteria, but it's not what I like to post about- everyone has their own demons... but I know that I really would like to make this year lighter and brighter, especially after my health scares over the last year.
They always say it takes a life-threatening experience to find God, well I guess it's true- only I'm not a God person in the slightest- I believe in what I can see- trees, birds,earth, moon ... so I promised myself I would actually begin to research deeper this year, and stop prevaricating. I'm on my spiritual journey at last...
And so... instead of a dark, broody, scary spread full of fear, self-loathing and dark, dark dreams I went for the complete opposite! Why should I dwell where I don't want to be? I choose to remind myself of the brighter possibilities and lighter way. Light is in everyone, it's just a case of finding it- we all have the potential to fulfill our dreams, we have to believe it, and release the negativity... off soap-box now!

I'm not sure it's finished yet- I feel some doodling calling, but in the main she's ready. Believe in the impossible to make it possible!

Sorry guys, not sure why, but it's bugging me more and more- perfectly focused pics are showing fuzzy here lately, not crisp at all... not sure if Blog put them though a filter like Flickr were? Not sure what I can do to remedy that... they're crystal clear on my pc....


  1. Thank you for sharing your story Kal. I do understand some of your feelings, been there, done that, still doing that. And I love how you choose to chase them away with this bright optimistic journal spread. Believe it or not, I did the same thing last evening, painting my journal pages with lighter color and adding a lot of punched butterflies. Not really "my thing", but I did it anyway, just because it feels a bit cheerful. :)

  2. Sometimes you've got to break from the norm, I guess, to make any difference to your life you've got to look at it differently now and then. Maybe you get a different perspective and then move on...we are so on the same


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