Thursday, 9 February 2012

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BELIEVE...oh I do! I do!!

I'm on a roll, it feels good! I just finished another spread (having done the background yesterday). One of our prompts for the Book of Days  was choose a word to signify your year, or at least the current situation. I struggle with typical artist/Cancerian insecurities, and whenever I get brave and feel better I'm usually self-destructive. Sad I know, I do try to be positive but you know how it goes... up and down, round and round...
So... as a mantra, affirmation, reminder, whatever... I choose BELIEVE as my word for the year. If repeating it over and over, and arting it in my books doesn't do it, well, then there's no hope for me- shoot me now! But I'll be having fun in the meantime...

mixed media, acrylic paints, pastels, picutres, embossed papers, gel medium, gesso, stamps/ stencils, sharpies and technical pens


  1. Both of your BoD spreads are gorgeous Kal and I feel like I know you a little more as well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work lovely lady :-)

  2. Thanks Louise, you too...especially as I have your journal with me... I am struggling to find a way in at the mo to find my totem...never been great at meditating- hence the lack of chill at times ;) I'm aiming to work in it Monday, so I'd better pull my finger out and let that light flow.xx


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