Tuesday, 7 February 2012

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Valentine's Day is on it's way...

Woohoo! I spent yesterday on my machine creating a piece of textile collage in reds... an eclectic collection of threads, organza, angelina, fabrics, sequin waste and mulberry bark dyed with silk paints. I had a number of postcards, ATC's and artpins to create so I thought I'd do them altogether.

Once I have got to a certain point I have to let Zac inspect it for interest and usability. Usually he'll just sit straight on it, indicating it's finished and now his! But not this time....
With further materials gathered, I stole it back and escaped to the comfort of my sofa to cut, print,  embellish and complete, with a few extra for later on...

 The postcards are for the Birthday Club that I host on Milliande's, and the ATC's are for the Birthday ATC  on Stitching Fingers

These hearts are for the February Artpin swap at Milliande's. The partners haven't been posted yet so I don't know where these will be going....


  1. Love love love everything you made! So many gorgeous materials and layers! And kiss the kitty for me, he is so cute!

  2. Thankyou Sonja! I will, that's Zac. my lad's kitty...we have one each= 4,lol.


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