Thursday, 9 February 2012

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I sat down yesterday with the full intention of completing a few spreads for my Book of Days running over at
With lots of projects on the go I try to allocate a certain amount of time to specific (largish) projects, while sneaking in plenty of impromptu little gems... and yesterday was no exception. I'd settled onto my sofa with trays and boxes of materials and goodies alongside... I'd done a couple of backgrounds and was just thinking I'd overdone my red/ white and blue spread- patriotic colours do nothing for me so I was just going to add plenty of turquoise... when the postie delivered my mail. 
Along with the usual junkmail were 2 parcels, one with the cutest little glass vials for sand, gems, oils or other tiny keepsake that I'd ordered to complete my wand and accessories. The other was unexpected "Happy mail" from Pippa in Somerset. Lots of lovely little arty treats, which instantly resolved my colour issues... and gave me a focus for the spread... moments; special moments, moments in time, living for the moment and living in the moment.... something I'm endeavouring to do this year.
So here is the finished piece...


  1. great to see happy mail in a spread :)

  2. in a spread...? thanks Pippa- it MADE the spread!! I was going to cover over all that red!! xx

  3. I just love when that happens. That moment when a great idea "hits" and everything becomes clear. Love your page Kal, so bright and optimistic.

  4. Your page is fantastic. Poppies made the section so bright and happy.

  5. Thankyou's all! Poppies are not normally my thing, but couldn't resist, they fitted the scheme so perfectly... My faves are strelitzia, orchids and lilies, typical of me, love the exotic!!


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