Saturday, 11 February 2012

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Under the sea....

Following on from my red textiles collage, which was created as a base for further projects, I used a similar technique for another postcard swap, at stitchin fingers.  
The theme for February is "Under the Sea" and there are some beautiful postcards being posted, and while I'm a competant chain stitcher, my imagination doesn't stretch to a decent rendition full of wonderful stitches and  sealife. So I did what I'm comfy with... got the machine out again...

This is the base complete- there's alsorts in there, curtains, organza, medical gauze, bra lace,felt, angelina, mulberry bark.... and as usual I made the piece alot larger than I needed, so there's plenty left for new projects later.
But this is what it was for in the end.... The fishies and starfish were extra goodies from a friend, I'm glad I found a use for them, I don't do fishy things much and I'd hate that they sat in my box of bits without hope of life. (Hope you like what I've done them them, Mary!)

 So these will be swimming their way to the States shortly... hope they arrive safely.


  1. This is a beautiful piece, and I love the small beads on it. They add to the sea feel, like small bubbles. Really lovely.

  2. Thanks Sonja, and so glad- Mary! I wasn't sure if they were goodies or were supposed to stay with your lovely inchie box..xx


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