Saturday, 4 February 2012

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BOS adventure continues....

It's been a lovely couple of days... sitting with piles of paper, beads,gel and ribbon up to my elbows around me, I'm totally- literally- immersed in my bookmaking!
Having finished the cover, which I decided to make rather than a whole book, simply because I know I'll fill these up quickly and I'd like to keep the same cover for a while.. (maybe a new one each year as work continues) rather than spend all this time creating it and needing a new one in a few months! 
So yesterday I worked on the section headers, the front page and dedication pages etc.

 I also managed to get some better pics in daylight....

 I'm happy with the outside onto the insides...

  The front pocket and endpage. I saved lots of birch bark over the last few years  and loved including it in the book. I also used the soft lino cut I did a few days back to make an embossing for the centre.

 The first few pages are inked and are for my dedication, goals, index etc....

 In my many hours of searching and learning I came across some rather nice backgrounds, which I'm sorry to say I can't refind to add a link (thankfully I'd saved the PDF's as I found them) . Being me I didn't want to use them as unchanged pages, I always add my own work, so I collaged them with some lovely textured heavy papers.

This is how they are all laid out. I inked and stamped the titles the same as the front pages. The main area will be for detailed indexes...

Now I need to get all my notes together and start to add them in... and begin the long journey...
Can't wait, but am kinda nervous too!! Having spent so long making it just right, I don't want to mess it up... and I'd better dedicate it first.... Oh, just thought, I need to add a feather in there somewhere... a work in progress indeed!!

Materials used;
Felt, leather, ribbons, angelina, brass beads, silver beads, semi-precious crystals, cord, wool, bone,bark, vinyl, plastic, papers, cards, inks, stamps, book pages, wire and probably a few things I've forgotten!


  1. I love the details in this book, so many gorgeous things to look and touch. It's beautiful! I can't wait to see more pages!:)

  2. Thanks Sonja,
    I'm not sure how I'm going to add the written pages- I might do backgrounds and overwrite, or print them for neatness...I will need to be able to read from it later.... I'll be "playing" more in the book of days- the colourful one.

  3. Beautiful,I always have trouble starting in a new book don't want to mess them up.Have to get over that fear. This is amazing can't wait to see more.

  4. amazingly detailed and intriguing - love all the layers and the different textures - a beautiful cover and then those wonderful pages - very ppealing Kalona!

  5. Thankyou all, I think this book's gonna be very precious to me.Hopefully it will give you a few ideas too...


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