Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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Bookmaking...part deux

You might remember the little squashy book I made for January's prompt, I posted a tutorial in the how-to's books section above. It was great fun and will be a little photo album pressie...
This month February's   prompt was posted for an accordian/ concertina book. I've just finished mine and will post the tutorial shortly in the book section, but I couldn't wait to post it now!
I'm doing a zodiac wall hanging, and with my memory being so appalling I get fed up of getting my books out to check on the signs/dates etc, so I decided to use this as a small reminder to help me out.
Here's how it turned out...

Finished book covers and ties

Symbols and names, shall be adding dates etc...

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  1. You are fast! So many beautiful things, almost every day, and I seem to miss many of your posts lately. Sorry!!!
    I truly adore this book! I would never come up with idea for that shape! It's so cool!


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