Saturday, 25 February 2012

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Machbox revival...

I know with smoking numbers being reduced, call for matches must be dropping in numbers too, but at Milliande's we keep finding a reason to find a box, or make one. Last month was Botanical- where I did my pop-up crystal tree. This month we're going for Rituals... simple ones, like getting ready to meditate, having a special soak in the bath, or setting up for some arting... we often find patterns in our behaviour if we stop and take notice...

Here are my matchboxes for the  swap..
Creating art, setting up and getting laid out... need to add paint tubes though. As a matter of scale- the pencils are 1/2 cocktail sticks.

Learning to fly... Meditating, not something I'm very good at, but I like to try! I've got to add tiny candle, incense and music.

Relax... My ritual of a good soak, candles,lavendar,bath salts,wine, strawberries...lovely!

Why not pop over and join the fun? Use up those boxes lurking in the drawers...

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