Thursday, 5 January 2012

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Folding Book Project

Well, it's January 2012 so the first prompt for The Hinges book-making adventure  was posted by Ruth and Dawna. I only saw the post this morning and thought it would be perfect for a birthday pressie for a relative who hasn't got any pics of our branch of the family. 
I'd been prepping for a batch of birthday cards and covers so had an armful of materials at the ready... so I ended up doing it straight away... naughty me, considering I hadn't finished the fabric cards yet- tch tch! I took some pics along the way, so if they come out okay I will post a tutorial for you to follow.
Here's how it's turned out so far.... I need to print out the photos before I can go any further with embellishments

My daughter squealed "that's so cute" when she walked in, so I can see me having to make several more!! No great hardship- so much fun.

I've now posted a tutorial in the how-tosbooks section. Have a go and enjoy!! Don't forget to send me a pic!! xx


  1. I looooove this album!!! So elegant.

  2. Thanks Sonja! You've gotta have a go- so quick and fun!! You could use fabric....xx

  3. I am tempted. Only problem is I don't have enough time these days. But I will definitely give it a try, and soon! :)


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